SEEKING to unite all women as passionate discipleS of Christ who seek God wholeheartedly through fellowship, discipleship, prayer, and service.

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Groups for Women


Serving Opportunities


These are just a few opportunities for just women. To see all of our service opportunities. Click below.


Like and Share So You Won't Be Lonely


Lonely Are you lonely? If so, believe it or not, you would not be alone! Despite living in the most connected time in world history, with...

I Raise My Ebenezer


During my ordination service, Dr. Eric Lethco declared the battle for my generation of Christians will be that of interpretation.  Our...

How Can God Ever Come to Us?


In the Hebrew Bible, the Old Testament for Christians, the separation of God and man was so great that the people were instructed to make special...


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If you would like to get involved in Women's Ministry at OFBC, but are unsure of where you fit in, we'd love to find you a place.