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Jehovah's Witness - Session 4 (5/14/17)

May 11, 2017

Jehovah's Witness - Session 4 (5/14/17)

Series: Testify


Pastor Eric is teaching a study on interfaith witnessing called “Testify: An Interfaith Witness Seminar” It will look at five prominent world religions and how we as Christian can witness to those who are involved in these religions.


The official name is the Watchtower Bible and

Tract Society of New York based in Brooklyn. We know it better as

Jehovah’s Witness. Is it a cult? There’s a belief that before Jesus

was born, then later baptized as the Messiah, he was the Archangel

Michael. In this week’s seminar, Pastor Eric helps us understand

the many aspects and beliefs of being a Jehovah’s


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