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Islam - Session 1 (4/23/17)

Apr 19, 2017

Islam - Session 1 (4/23/17)

Series: Testify


Pastor Eric is teaching a study on interfaith witnessing called “Testify: An Interfaith Witness Seminar” It will look at five prominent world religions and how we as Christian can witness to those who are involved in these religions.


This is your opportunity to become an INTERFAITH

WITNESS with the teaching of Pastor Eric Lethco from Old Fort

Baptist Church in Summerville, South Carolina. In this session,

Pastor Eric will discuss a religious practice that was established

in A.D. 622. We’ll learn about the Five Pillars of Islam, the

Qur’an, Mohammed and much more. It’s important to learn the best

way to witness to Muslims and you’ll know how in this study of


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