Turn to God in Difficult Times

Mike Hennon shares about how God was faithful to him during a difficult season.

by Mike Hennon on April 02, 2020

I am a 71 yr old man and in the last several months I broke my neck (C-1 to C-6) and had life threatening surgery. And then recently had a heart ablation surgery. But as I have traveled through these difficult times, I turned to God even more.

I was personally quarantined for over 4 months and I tell you only because of our God, my wonderful beautiful wife and church, that I was able to succumb. So, what we are all facing now as a nation (not just personal) I encourage everyone I talk to, just open up your heart to God and never never give up on your faith and trust in our Saviour Jesus Christ. I never gave up on my faith and every day I thank God for all his love and blessings.

"God" is the only answer or cure to this Covid 19 virus. I pray every day for my brothers and sisters throughout the world. Just remember, now is the time and opportunity to step up and be great disciples for Jesus Christ. The gospel (good news) right now is truly what all people need to hear about. God is calling. Are you ready to step up. HALLELUJAH

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