Summerville Blessing Boxes

Are you looking for a way to help those in need during this time of uncertainty? Here's a simple way to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

by Molly Lee on April 23, 2020

Are you looking for a way to help those in need during this time of uncertainty? A simple way to be the hands and feet of Jesus? As I’m sure many of you know, there are several Blessing Boxes located throughout our communities, and especially in the Summerville area.

These boxes were designed as little “food pantries” for those who need it.  Signs above the boxes read: “Take what you need and leave what you can” encouraging those who don’t need anything to give.  I thought it might be fun to put together little “blessing/joy” bags for the children in the community.  These bags would include items like: chalk, frisbees or small outdoor toys, crayons, coloring pages, a non-perishable treat or snack, a bible/devotional/story book, face mask, small craft, hygiene items, etc.  I have already distributed 10 bags throughout the community but would love your help to keep going! I am happy to pick up items you wish to donate or you are welcome to drop them off at the church office when convenient.  If you would prefer to donate monetarily that is great too! Or feel free to just create AND deliver the bags yourself!

Below is a list of several Blessing Boxes in Summerville, but if you know of others, by all means fill those too! Let’s help put some smiles on these kids faces while sharing the love and hope of Jesus Christ! 

Summerville Blessing Box Locations

- 417 Central Ave (Summerville Baptist Church)

- 206 Central Ave (St Luke’s Church)

- 888 Central Ave (Cornerstone Baptist)

- Sangaree Library, 595 Sangaree Parkway

- 102 Sangaree Park Ct

- 209 Mikel Drive (Quail Arbor)

- 183 Apache Drive (Indian Springs)

- 10 King Charles Circle (Newington Elementary)

- 610 Cedar Street

- 1001 Beech Hill Road (Beech Hill Elementary)

- 438 Marketplace Drive (Church at Cane Bay)

- 9800 Delemar Highway (Ashley Ridge High School)

- 303 Central Ave (Bethany United Methodist Church)

- 111 Waring Street (St. Paul's Church / Skardon Hall)

- 100 Limehouse Dr. (Stallsville United Methodist Church)

- 801 Boone Hill Rd. (Boone Hill UMC)

- 449 Old Trolley Road (Dorchester Cty Career)

- 301 Chandler Creek Road (Sires Elementary)

- 835 S. Main Street (Summerville Elementary School)

- 1253 Jedburg Rd (New Hope UMC)

- 2102 State Road (Providence Wesleyan Church)

- 505 N. Pine Street (Flowertown Home Builders)

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