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Lead Vocals & Worship Band

Music / Media

OFBC Worship Band

What to Expect

Before you make music "on stage," you should see yourself as an equal participant in worshiping God and be worshiping regularly with eagerness and joy, making melody in your hearts from the pew to and for the Lord. Lead Vocals & Worship Band members are to serve with a humble and cheerful attitude. 

This opportunity would require members to serve during our mid-week rehearsal Wednesday, from 7:45 pm - 9 pm, and Sunday mornings starting at 7:45 am for setup, soundcheck, and the music portion of both worship services at 9:25 am and 10:55 am. Attendance at rehearsals is paramount, even if you're a world-famous musician! This is because our rehearsals are for more than simply learning notes - they are for crafting arrangements specific to a service and for building unity as a team.

Vocalist and Band

We schedule team members based on their availability, as well as the needs of the team for a particular week.  The music pastor guides the team in preparing and presenting the best leadership possible to the congregation.

Positions Available

  • Piano / Keys
  • Guitar / Bass
  • Percussion
  • Orchestra
  • Lead Vocals


Not Sure Where to Serve?

God has uniquely equipped you to be a vital part of the Body of Christ in the world and the body of believers here at Old Fort! If you don't know where you could get involved, please reach out to us. We're here to help.

Help Me!

Serve with our new after-school program

Greater Things is looking for teachers and volunteers to work with our students in the afternoons. If you have any time during an afternoon or two, our students could benefit from having someone listen to them read aloud, call out their spelling words, or just share the love of Christ. Mrs. McDonald would love to have a cup of coffee with you and talk about it!


serve in sound media and tech