Stewardship Committee Update March 25

by Charlie Young on March 25, 2020

Greetings from the OFBC Stewardship Committee.

We the body of believers at OFBC are now facing new challenges as we move forward during this COVID-19 Pandemic.  We know that our God is in control, but as human beings, we remain concerned with the impact the pandemic will have on our world and moving closer to home; our nation, our state, our community, our church and families. The committee met on March 18 to address church finances given the impact of the COVID-19 virus on everyone’s finances. The Pastor attended the opening portion of the meeting and shared his excitement about the opportunity the Lord provides us as a “body of believers” during this time, financial and otherwise. The committee agreed it was important to report back to the congregation regarding our findings and intentions.

  • Year-to-date our finances are “in the black.” Giving has exceeded expenses.
  • From an historical perspective, and referring to churches in general, when a major crisis occurs, particularly such that they cannot assemble together, giving decreases. Accordingly, a decrease in giving to OFBC is anticipated.
  • To deal with this financial uncertainty the committee is exploring options for reducing expenses and to facilitate giving.


  • Payroll is our single largest expense category. Our people make OFBC what it is and barring cataclysmic economic impact to the nation we will maintain currently budgeted amounts.  Any changes impacting our staff will be based on recommendations/actions from our Staff leadership, Elders and Personnel Committee.
  • Bond payments for the outstanding debt on the sanctuary is our greatest single expense behind payroll. With a proactive mindset, we will explore financing alternatives with the bond company should reduction in tithes and offerings result in a significant drop in cashflow.
  • With the cancellation of all on-campus OFBC activities, there are a number of areas where we should be able to reduce expenses. Some opportunities may be contractually limited but still worthy of exploration. Examples include financial support to CIFC, expenses related to OFBC support of Kids Fort and Child’s Day Out programs, trash pickup services, return of next quarter’s Sunday School literature, water and sewer usage, planned expenses for ongoing and upcoming activities, raising unoccupied building thermostat temperature settings, childcare and security operations, and activity related copier usage.


  • We know that many of you will be or are already feeling the economic impacts of the virus.  There is a sense of urgency, but not panic, that we continue faithful giving to the mission and ministries of Old Fort and to the Great Commission.  History has proven that God honors individuals and churches who give faithfully in the midst of a national and international crisis.  We encourage you to give only as you can and as the Lord guides you.
  • Prior to government intervention, most giving to OFBC occurred on Sunday mornings via a collection plate, a method not currently available. Payment envelopes may be mailed or delivered to OFBC.
  • Because regular mail adds a delay to giving, we ask that you consider altering your routine and start giving your tithes and offering to the church online. The OFBC website facilitates this process. Just click on the link, click on “GIVE ONLINE” and complete the brief form.
  • Whether you do this or use the text method you will need to establish a MinistryID. This is not the same as the login you may have to access the membership portions of the web site. Once you have done this it will work for both.
  • Instructions for both methods are attached.
  • To make online giving your permanent method of contribution be sure to select “MAKE THIS GIFT RECURRING.”
  • An alternate approach is to set up a Bill Pay account at your bank.
  • If you would like assistance with either of these methods don’t hesitate to phone Heidi Benjamin, OFBC’s Financial Administrative Assistant.

Your Stewardship Committee,

Charlie Young, Jim Farrish, Mason Van Tassel, Rob Masten and Robin Brittain

Online Giving InstructionsText Giving Instructions

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