Profile Visibility: How to limit information in the Directory

Profile Visibility gives members control over specific pieces of personal information. This added flexibility allows for information like a personal phone number (for example) to be available to church staff members but is not in the online Directory.

May 29, 2020

How to access profile visibility settings

Login to the Elexio church database -

On an individual's Profile Record, access Profile Visibility settings by clicking the tri-dot on the Picture/Name card.

setting visibility

For each item of personal information, Visibility can be set to one of four levels. The settings move from MOST visible on the right to LEAST visible on the left.

Directory → No Visibility restrictions and any other member will be able to see this information when viewing the online directory.

Group Members 

  • Not visible in the Directory.
  • Still visible to small group leaders and other members of your small group.

Group Leaders 

  • Not visible in the Directory or other members of your small group. 
  • Still visible to the leader of your small group.

None (unlabeled) → not visible to anyone except church staff and leadership.

If you have any questions or have trouble logging into the Elexio church database please contact the church office at 843-873-2283 or

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