Kids Sunday School Lesson 12.27.20


by Mary Singletary on December 27, 2020

December 27 - Resources

Feel free to adapt these resources to fit your family. We realize that your children range from Birth to 5th Grade and not all content or activities will be appropriate. We have placed a bin outside the church office door with the Kids Activity Pages so they can be picked up any day or time during the week that fits your schedule and also can be picked up within the social distancing guidelines that we are trying to adhere to. 

Pre-lesson Activities:

  • Before today’s lesson: Provide different scenarios for your family and have them vote on whether it would be easy or hard to respond to the situation and how they would respond.
    Some suggestions are:
    * Your mom told you not to eat more cookies, but she’s busy and wouldn’t see you sneak one.
    * Your friend’s pet died, and you don’t know how to comfort them.
    * Some kids are picking on a new student at your school. If you stick up for them, they might pick on you as well.
  • Say: We all face hard situations sometimes. Doing the right thing can often feel like a huge challenge. Who do you think helps us choose the right things?

Teaching PicturesActivity Pages

unit 28 session 3

faithful in hard times

1 Peter 1-2

Story Point: Peter encouraged believers who faced persecution.

Key Passage: 2 Peter 1:3

Post videos or photos of your family “Home Churching” on our Facebook Page @ofbckids. 

We miss interacting with you. We miss the smiles, hugs and high 5’s. We miss the laughter of the kids. 

We are in constant prayer for all of you. We know we can get through this and we can’t wait to hear the stories of how God used this time of quarantine to strengthen your family bond and build your relationships with him. Connect with us. Post, email. Just say hi. Let us know how you’re doing.

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