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Embracing Biblical Methods: The Discipline Process (11/13/16)

Nov 10, 2016

Embracing Biblical Methods: The Discipline Process (11/13/16)

Series: Ignite: The Parent Piece (Shepherding a Child's Heart)


In Deuteronomy 6:4-9 God clearly addresses His intentions for parents. Parents are to incorporate God into the daily rhythms of life such as meal time, bed time, travel time; in how they communicate, discipline and love. As the greatest influencers in a child's life - parents are to impress the truths of God onto their children. God is also clear on His intentions for the Church; that the Church is to make disciples. Ignite: The Parent Piece - is designed to help equip our parents. We want to ignite a passion for Jesus Christ into the hearts of our kids and then help our parents learn how to fan that flame. Each week parents will come together for a time of Bible study and given the opportunity to see what scripture says on how we should be parenting.


Discipline is a tough thing. So many times we

get discipline wrong. As parents we must look to scripture to see

what God says is the correct way to discipline your children. We

will look at several scripture passages to get the


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